The event of the 19th ORL-HNS ASEAN Congress which was held in conjunction with the 11th National Scientific Meeting of the INDO ORL-HNS (XI National Scientific Meeting), takes the theme “Come with a new spirit of ASEAN Solidarity”. The meeting is expected to be a means of sharing knowledge between otorhinolaryngologists at international and national levels as well as for doctors who are interested in otorhinolaryngology. This event was held by the otorhinolaryngologists association from ASEAN countries, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Thailand, Brunei Darussalam, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, and Cambodia as well as the Indonesian PERHATI-KL Central Board.

In this series of events, topics on minimally invasive surgery, controversies, and dilemmas will be discussed in the fields of oncology, otology, rhinology, skull base surgery, plastic reconstruction, pharyngolaryngology, and so on. Besides, various researches in the field of molecular biology related to otorhinolaryngology will be discussed in the future, such as cholesteatoma, allergies, inner ear, oncology, and so on.

This meeting will also discuss how to improve otorhinolaryngologists education standards in Southeast Asia and how to improve competence and equality for otorhinolaryngologists. It also discussed the role and activities of otorhinolaryngologists in building communities in Southeast Asia.

Medan was appointed as the organizer of the two events because it has good facilities for organizing national and international events. The 19th ORL-HNS ASEAN Congress and the 11th INDO ORL-HNS National Scientific Meeting (XI National Scientific Meeting) will be held at JW Marriot Hotel Medan on 21st-23rd October 2021.

Apart from having good facilities, Medan also has attractive tourist destinations as well as culinary delights and they will be an attraction for congress participants.

In the 19th ASEAN ORL-HNS Congress and the 11th National Scientific Meeting of the INDO ORL-HNS (XI National Scientific Meeting) we organized symposium activities, poster competitions, and scientific presentations with several workshop activities which were expected to be useful for general practitioners and otorhinolaryngologists both in big cities as referral centers and those working in peripheral health facilities.